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3 Gorgeous Mudroom Remodeling Ideas

Designing the Ideal Mudroom for Your Dallas, Texas Home

As a whole-home remodeling company, we know that there are some rooms in people’s homes that just don’t get enough love! One such room is the mudroom, where your family members likely kick off their shoes and drop their bags, hats, and sporting equipment without a second thought. For many of our clients, this space is more or less a “dumping ground,” and it’s barely paid a second thought.

But what if you could make this space more functional? We’ve got a few storage solutions hidden up our sleeves that could take your mudroom to the next level! Check out these mudroom remodeling ideas for design inspiration.

The Classic Cubby System

You may recognize this photo from our Wilford Way custom home project in Heath, TX. This family wanted room to spread out in their home, since their family is still growing. We created this custom built-in cabinetry as a modern version of the “cubby system” we all became so familiar with back in grade school to maximize the room’s functionality.

You’ll notice that we included individual hooks on which to hang each family member’s coats, as well as individual shelves to store their shoes, and even matching baskets to hold their assorted hats, bags, or other items. Each child can take a seat on the custom-built bench while they put on their shoes, instead of hunching down on the ground to complete this task.

This bright, inviting room is an excellent entry-way solution that can easily be added as part of your home remodeling project. Learn more about our whole-home interior services here.

The Hidden Storage Solution

If you prefer to keep coats, backpacks, and other items out of sight, this mudroom solution from J Visser Design might be your best choice! Instead of hanging your children’s belongings on a hook for all to see, they included cabinet doors to keep items hidden for a clean, classic look.

This option still features three small hooks for keys right above the cushioned seat, which offers a great place for family members to tie their shoes before heading out the door. The extra shelving at the bottom can be used for shoes or other items, and the matching baskets on the upper shelves provide extra room for storage.

The Multitasking Mudroom

Depending on the size of your home, you may not have room for a full homework area or office space. However, with this smart solution from Westwind Construction, you can use your entryway as both a functional mudroom and workspace!

Right inside the door are two closets in which to store school books, sporting equipment, and anything else you might want to keep hidden away. There are still multiple hooks along the wall where you can hang jackets, bags, and the like. Industrial baskets line the lower and upper shelves to store shoes and other items, and there’s still a long bench for multiple family members to sit upon when putting on their shoes before leaving in the morning.

On the opposite side of the same space, there’s a long spacious desk surrounded by plenty of storage space to keep your office supplies out of sight. All of these aspects come together to create a clean space full of practical storage options!

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Posted on: August 30, 2016
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