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4 Reasons You Need a Remodeler That Offers 3D Renderings

hatfield1As a remodeling or new construction client, how can you avoid being dissatisfied with your finished project? Start with an experienced contractor that helps you dream big and make smart decisions. Seeing what you’re getting before you have it built also helps. By choosing a design build company that provides lifelike 3D renderings of its work, you can visualize the final product and enjoy a number of other benefits.

Another Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Advantage

Many remodeling contractors in Dallas offer portfolios and showrooms, but 3D renderings are something that sets Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers apart from other design build companies. These are three-dimensional images of a proposed project produced from data entered into a computer and based on architectural software, scanned hard copies or even hand drawings. They’re so detailed, in fact, that it can be difficult to distinguish the rendering from a photograph. These dimensional renderings give architects, builders and clients the opportunity to view the construction and interior even before a single nail is driven.

Here are four ways 3D renderings can benefit you.

  • Design more efficiently. 3D rendering programs reduce the amount of time your designer must spend drafting multiple technical drawings, and eliminates the chance of mistakes if the drawing must be changed. By reducing the amount of technical time needed to create a design plan, there’s more time to get creative.
  • Visualize how the design will look. Two-dimensional floor plans and elevations give you a general idea of how a room is laid out, but don’t give you a feel for how the different components of a room fit together. When you understand the look and feel of your design by viewing a vivid depiction in 3D, you can “walk through” it and know if the design will work for you.
  • Be confident making changes. With 3D renderings, you can see all angles of a project. If you don’t like the placement of the toilet in the bathroom or the size of a kitchen island, let us know during your design meeting and we can make instant changes. You will feel confident that you will love the final product because you can see it beforehand.
  • Cut down on change orders during construction. Changes made during the construction stage are time-consuming and costly. 3D renderings reduce the need for changes after the building process has begun, saving time and money.

With you and your design build team all working toward the same precise goal, you won’t experience the anxiety that tends to happen during the construction phase. It’s just another way Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers builds solid relationships and streamlines the process of bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Plano, Richardson or any surrounding North Dallas community. To learn more about our services, call (214) 281-8800.

Posted on: November 17, 2015
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