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4 Ways to Punch Up a White Kitchen

hatfieldThese days, white kitchens are all the rage in the design world – and for good reason. White makes a kitchen feel cheerful and clean. It enhances the room’s lighting and creates the impression of a bigger space. In fact, nearly 40% of homeowners who recently remodeled or who are starting a remodel selected white cabinets for their kitchens, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey. White was also a top choice for updated walls and counters – which leaves many homeowners wondering how they can keep the timelessness of white from becoming downright boring.

Here our designers share ideas on how to add pizzazz to an all- or mostly-white kitchen.

  • Build a standout island. A simple white kitchen can be enhanced with one feature element, such as a colorful island. Add the color and contrast with paint on the base of the island, or use statement tile. The contrast color can then be subtly picked up in accent walls, window coverings and accessories to make the design cohesive.
  • Hatfield MRM low res_kitchen storage_PR1215
    The cabinet in the breakfast area of the 2015 Model ReModel was painted black to contrast with the white kitchen.

    Paint a focal wall. Even the smallest punch of paint can have a major impact in a white room. In the 2015 Model ReModel house, the homeowners chose to create a focal point in the white kitchen by painting the cabinet in the breakfast area and cabinets beside the range with Benjamin Moore’s Black Jack. If you prefer a smaller accent space, try trimming out windows or painting the wall inside or above cabinets to draw the eye.

  • Add colorful accessories. The simplest and least expensive way to experiment with color is by bringing in accessories. One of the benefits of all-white background is that it allows you to add any color or print you fancy! Try colorful dishes in glass-front cabinets, a variety of cookbooks on shelves, colorful fabric window treatments or a bold print on chair cushions.
  • Contrast countertops. Another way to use color as contrast in a mostly-white space is by utilizing it in the perimeter countertops. For a twist on this approach, use a different color for the countertop on the kitchen island.

If you are looking for additional kitchen ideas, our friends at Sebring Services in the Greater Chicago area have a great portfolio and blog!

Let’s Add Your Personality to Your Kitchen

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Posted on: February 3, 2016
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