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7 North Dallas Kitchen Remodel Must Haves

by Chad Hatfield
President, Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders

In Texas, we like to do everything big — especially when it comes to cooking. Big pots of chili, large racks of ribs, steaks the size of… well, you know. The serious home chef in North Dallas needs a kitchen that matches their appetite.

Hatfield specializes in kitchen remodeling, so here’s a taste of the most popular features our customers have been clamoring for:

Posted on: July 22, 2014

1. Professional Grade Gas Rangetops and Electric Ovens

Pop a giant roast in the oven and simmer sauces up top while veggies crackle in the skillet. Gas-fueled rangetops are the chef’s choice in Viking and Thermador models, but electric and induction cooktops are a great alternative if your home isn’t fueled by gas.

Professional Grade Gas Rangetops and Electric Ovens

2. Powerful Ventilation

Steam, smoke and grease can do a number on the breathable air in your kitchen, not to mention damaging nearby cabinetry. Today’s stainless steel and glass vent hoods look amazing, cool the kitchen, clean the air, and are quiet enough so you can talk while you cook. Speaking of cool…

Powerful Ventilation

3. Commercial Grade Fridge and Freezer

Your fridge needs to do it all: keep your ingredients crisp, your drinks cold and your leftovers fresh. Counter-depth and built-in refrigeration and freezers from Sub Zero and Thermador can match your white, black or stainless steel appliances or hide behind custom panels to match your cabinets.

Commercial Grade Fridge and Freezer

4. Countertops That Make a Statement!

Granite, Quartzite and Caesarstone countertops look great, tie the room together and are as practical as they are beautiful. We suggest heat-resistant substrates so you can rest a hot skillet directly on the counter without fear of warping or burning. No matter how durable your counter looks, you should always use cutting boards for food preparation.

Countertops That Make a Statement!

5. Chef Friendly Faucets

Whether you’re rinsing vegetables, washing hands or scrubbing giant pots, you need a faucet that works with you. Kitchen faucets with butterfly handles or touch-free motion sensors are easy to operate when your hands are messy. Gooseneck and double-jointed spouts with spray features help you navigate large pans and skillets. For extra ease, add a faucet to the backsplash of your stove to easily fill pasta and soup pots.

Chef Friendly Faucets

6. Large Drawers — And Lots of `Em

Spatulas, ladles, tongs, garlic presses, can openers and food processing gear all need a place to go. Compared to cabinet storage, large drawers are also extremely efficient for pantry items, plates and cookware. Save shallow drawers for silverware while adding deep drawers for everything else.

Large Drawers -- And Lots of `Em

7. Extended Kitchen Island

When your kitchen fills with good aromas, expect your kitchen to fill with hungry family and guests. Tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining or living room to create a large and welcoming open area. Extend the kitchen island and add barstool seating. Add an adjacent bar to cool everyone’s thirst until it’s time to eat.

Extended Kitchen Island

Efficient Design: Hatfield’s Functionality Promise

Giant kitchens and small galley remodels present the same dilemma — where to place the fridge, the sink and the stove. You need easy access to all without feeling cramped or burdened with a mile walk between each station. No matter how big your kitchen is — or can be — we design our remodels to place everything the chef needs close to their fingertips.

Tell Us About Your Dream Kitchen

So, did we miss anything from your “must have” list? A walk-in pantry? Wall-mounted dual ovens? A convection microwave? Give us a call so we can custom design and build the ultimate kitchen for your home chef. Click here to contact us

Design Corner

Hexagon tileHexagon tile is classic, classy and resurging in popularity for modern bathroom remodels and vintage bathroom restorations. Retro tile patterns were very popular in the first half of the twentieth century. When designing a new bathroom or restoring a bathroom with pedestal sinks and a freestanding tub, mosaics comprised of hexagon shaped ceramic tiles are a great option. These patterns can tie together the room and make tight spaces feel much larger.

ribbon-inspired VeroThe ribbon-inspired Vero™ line from Delta Faucet is sleek, modern and very dramatic. The minimalist design of the line — squares, rectangles and arches — looks fantastic in modern bathrooms, but also brings a “futuristic” look when paired with retro tile patterns and/or

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