Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers is now Alair Homes Dallas

We are excited that we have become part of the Alair Homes team.


What Is Design/Build?

Put simply, design/build is the one-stop shop for your remodeling project.

The design/build approach, or, as we like to call it, design-remodeling, means one company handles the entire scope of your remodeling project from the initial design, product and material selections, and pricing, to building permits, construction, and warranty. Every aspect of your project is handled by an experienced team of professionals providing expertise, communication, and coordination, all in a single point of contact.

While remodeling certainly isn’t simple, when you partner with Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers, the process is much smoother. We adopted this design-remodeling approach in order to simplify the procedure of a remodel, as well as ensure the Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) quality in every element. Having an expert team working together from start to finish in open communication and collaboration is a surefire way to deliver the best results.

How Does Team Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Execute Design/Build?

With design/build, you work with only one company on every aspect of your project. During our initial meetings, we will bring in one of our talented designers for you to meet. They will get to know you and talk through the possibilities of your project with you. This designer will stay with you throughout the duration of your project so that they can work with your project manager to bring your vision to life. Your project manager will be your point of contact throughout the construction process; they are dedicated to making sure everything is built with care and quality that is exactly to your liking.

This approach enables us to bring you in as a partner so that you can provide feedback and approval on each selection. Our philosophy is that this is your project, therefore you should be able to be as involved in the process as you want to be.

The Benefits of Design/Build

Collaboration With a cohesive team of designers, builders, and a project manager working in tandem with you, the client, the process of your remodeling project is guaranteed to be smooth and streamlined.

Risk Management Because both the design and construction responsibilities all fall on one entity, the risk of errors or oversights is significantly reduced. Every team member knows their individual tasks and maintains an open line of communication with everyone to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that everyone is held accountable for their responsibilities.

Expertise We bring years of experience to every project we execute. Check out our awards to see the recognition we’ve received for our work.

Transparency As your project begins, you will receive a detailed proposal outlining your selections, schedule, and budget. We adhere to this as strictly as possible and maintain an open line of communication throughout construction so that you are up-to-date on all pertinent details.

Cost Efficiency Our design/build approach helps save both time and money thanks to the cohesion of the design and building teams. Decisions can be made and executed faster, making the entire process more efficient. Communication is also simplified, which makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Lifelong Partnership At Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers, we don’t expect the relationship to end after we do the final walk-through of your newly remodeled home. We create a partnership with each client—one that lasts for a lifetime. If you ever have questions or concerns after your project is complete, we will be more than happy to discuss the matter at hand.

Overall, our priorities are trust, quality, and satisfaction. We chose to implement the design/build approach in the interest of these three priorities and we’re confident you’ll see why when you work with us. Contact us today to learn more.

THE HATFIELD (now Alair Homes- Plano) PROCESSLearn More >>
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    Initial Meetings
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    Space Measurement
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    Project Selection Meeting
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    Design Package Review
  • 5
    Initial Budget Review
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    Selection Finalization
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    Construction Agreement & Deposit
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    Pre-Construction Hand-Off Meeting
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    Start of Construction