Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers is now Alair Homes Dallas

We are excited that we have become part of the Alair Homes team.


Our Design Process

At Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers, as your trusted remodeling advisor, we take care of the entire design/remodel process from start to finish. Our experienced, award-winning designers are exceptionally adept at bringing personal details into their designs, not only due to their skills, but also because they take time to get to know each client and listen to their goals. Our approach to design is wholly individual because a house isn’t a home if it doesn’t express who you are!

We intentionally have multiple conversations at the start of our process to understand your vision as thoroughly as possible before pen even hits paper to begin the design. We take many steps to ensure we are the right fit for one another because being the right fit means the finished product will be as fantastic as it deserves to be!

Why are there so many steps involved in our design/remodel process? Think of it like planning a wedding: you wouldn’t just show up the day of your wedding without having planned out your ceremony and reception. It would be a disorganized mess—and it wouldn’t live up to your expectations. The same rings true of the remodeling process. Every detail is important, and it will show when there is something that goes unplanned. A trustworthy design/build company is going to be your “wedding planner” to help you get ready for and have the perfect wedding day—settling into your newly remodeled home!

Our “Wedding Planning” Design Process

Dating Phase—Finding a Remodeling Firm to Partner with: You decide it’s time to get out there and “date,” so you start calling different remodeling firms. You call around to set up meetings with firms for “dates” to see if the relationship is a match. After a few meetings, you should have a good idea of which company best matches your goals, so you select one to “date” or partner with for your remodeling project.

Engagement & Hiring a Wedding Planner—Signing a Design Agreement: Once you’ve committed to a remodeler and signed a design agreement, you become formally “engaged.” Before and during the time of engagement, we will go over what you want to spend—setting a formal budget is a crucial preliminary step in both remodeling and wedding planning.

Planning Out the Big Day—Design Phase: We will begin planning out your “big day” by taking your measurements and drawing out your new space. You will start talking at length about what you want and where you want it, relaying your overall vision to the designer.

Kitchen Design Mood Board

Your designer will take you through picking out the church, the reception, the flowers, the dress—also known as the selections which are your colors, paints, cabinets, flooring, finishes, and more! We may need to have several meetings and maybe trips to shop for the details.

We may bring the vendors to your home for a trade party so they can get an idea of the scope of your project. Then, the final pricing will be set and any adjustments to the scope of work will be made.

This part definitely takes time, but so does planning a wedding!

Getting the Marriage License from the County—Construction Contract Signing and Permits: This step is akin to signing the construction contract and getting a permit from the city—it makes everything official and puts it on record!

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner: You will have your pre-construction meeting with your building team to coordinate schedules and “rehearse” where our teams will enter and exit. We will fine-tune our schedule of events and get our vendors ready to start!

The Big Day: The wedding is all planned out, so the bride and groom—AKA you, the homeowners—just have to sit back and let the wedding planner (trade partners) execute the plan! Construction will begin and the project managers orchestrate the remodeling project.

The Honeymoon: The best part: enjoying your new home!

Are you ready to plan a wedding—err, we mean, remodel? Team Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) can’t wait to hear about your project! With over a decade in the design/remodel business, we are ready to be your trusted design and remodel partner for life.

Contact us online today to schedule an initial consultation for your remodel in the Dallas area!

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