Frequently Asked Remodeling Questions

Remodeling your home can be an expensive and stressful process. We know exactly how you feel, which is why we put together this comprehensive list of FAQs to address your concerns. Don’t see the answer you are looking for? Contact us online or give us a call and we will do our best to put your mind at ease!

Which areas around Dallas-Fort Worth do you service?

We have specific area that we service so that we can provide the best customer service to all of our clients during their remodel. Notably, most of our projects are in the Plano, Richardson, and far North Dallas and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 214-278-6261, or fill out a contact form to find out if you are in our service area!

Where is your office?

Our office is located in southeast Plano and serves as the hub for our company.

Our office & showroom is by appointment only, but it is filled with samples, meeting spaces, offices for our staff, and a warehouse for storing selections and materials for our upcoming projects!

What is the purpose of the phone calls before we meet?

We use email and text communication a lot through the process of designing and building your project, but we believe the first conversations should be done over the phone. This allows each of us on both sides to determine whether or not this is a good fit. There are many projects that don’t fit our process and what our company does best, so we like to take time to ensure a proper fit before taking your time for an in-person meeting.

When are you available to meet for an appointment?

We are typically available for in-home meetings from Monday through Friday during the day with some occasional early evening availability. Typically, we do not set appointments on the weekend. We believe that dedicated weekend time with family and friends is important for a healthy personal and work life. Please visit our contact page to start the conversation!

Will you look at a house we are thinking about buying?

Once you have a signed a contract on a home, we would love to start the conversation about your remodeling projects. After many years of looking at homes for sale, we have determined that scoping out homes is not the best use of our time for our services. We think that the best time to talk your project is after you have completed the purchase of your new home.

What does a typical remodel cost?

We recommend looking at Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs. Value report. It compares the Dallas area average cost for 21 popular remodeling projects. The report also details what an average project currently costs and what you can expect as a return for your investment in updating your home. See the report directly from the magazine here.

How far ahead should I begin planning my remodel?

As soon as you decide that you want to remodel, call us. It takes time to meet, decide if we are a fit for each other, and develop the proper design and plans for your project. We will ask you what your timeline is and will be honest if we think we can meet that timeline.

I’m worried that my project is too small. What size projects do you take on?

We are best suited to design and remodel projects where most or all of the surfaces need to be replaced. Some projects may not require all of the design and supervision services that our company provides.

Our best advice here? Give us a call, tell us about your project, and we will either take another step forward together or help you find someone who is better suited to your project!

Do you provide quotes?

We believe that the best way to determine the cost of a remodeling project is to carefully design and plan the project out to determine all of the costs. We use our proven process to come up with a price once we have determined what plans and materials your project will use. See our process to find out more!

You keep talking about starting with a budget for my project—why?

We have designed some pretty amazing spaces and would love to help your vision come to life. However, if your budget doesn’t match with all of ideas you have, we will be wasting both of our time. By starting with a realistic budget, you allow us to plan and design based on both your needs and your budget. We will use our historical data and many years of experience to help you stay in your budget, as well as come up with value driven budget solutions. It’s very normal not to know what a realistic budget should be for your project—let’s talk and we can help you get a better idea what money you should set aside.

What is a Design Agreement?

One of the first steps in the budget process is to enter into a Design Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to provide you with valuable planning and design services while allowing the free flow of information and cost analysis. Our design team will produce design and working drawings for the purposes of finalizing a budget and contract to remodel the proposed project. The design fee will cover design and estimating staff time, floor plans, and 3D renderings. Hatfield designers will also provide color and material selection services to help coordinate the materials used for cabinets, counters, walls, and flooring. Upon completion of the plans, a proposed cost budget will be drafted. This will be refined with the homeowner and the designer to reach an acceptable job budget.

Do I need to get a permit for my project?

Typically, yes. We rarely come across municipalities that don’t require a permit for the larger remodeling projects that we provide such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. We deal with all of the different building departments across Dallas and the northern suburbs, so we know the building codes like the back of our hands. Once we have the final plans for your project, we will take care of getting the proper permits and inspections needed.

Read more about the benefits of building permits here.

Does Hatfield Builders have insurance?

Everyone has insurance—on themselves, their homes, cars, and other valuable property—right? The same goes for our company. We carry a general liability policy that protects Hatfield Builders if property damage or bodily injuries result while a project is under way. We also require all of our trade partners to carry the same liability insurance to protect them while they are working on your home. We are happy to provide you with all of the details of our insurance coverage.

Read our blog about why you should only hire a remodeler with insurance.

Can you create the design and drawings for my project?

Yes! That is an important part of what sets us apart from other “design/build” firms. We have an in-house design staff dedicated to taking your dreams and ideas and translating them into your home. We use special design software that allows us not only to dimension your home on a flat surface but render those plans into a visual 3D image that can view your new space from all angles. Our experienced and talented staff will not only design your new spaces, but will also be a guide and expert ensuring every detail of the design gets translated into your home.

How long will it take to design my project?

Every remodeling project is different. The length of the design phase is largely dictated by how large or complex the project is. The timeline also depends on how easily and quickly we are able to communicate, meet, and make firm decisions. Our typical design phase lasts anywhere from four to eight weeks. Click here for more about our process.

When do we receive the drawings for review?

Based upon our initial conversations and measurements, we will come up with new floor plans for you. We will meet with you in our office and show you our initial floor plans and possibly some 3D renderings so that you can see what your new space can look like. We will discuss how we came up with the plans, listen to your feedback, and make any necessary alterations to those plans during that meeting.

Can I select the specific products for the project?

Absolutely! Your remodel is all about you and selecting what you would like to put in your new space. Send us what you love and we will see if we can make it work. Don’t have a clue what you want for your space? That’s okay too! We will find what things inspire you and come up with a scheme for the rest. We will use our showroom and samples as sources for materials we think you will want. We also partner with local vendors and will send you to their showrooms for material selections.

Can I purchase the materials for my project myself?

Unfortunately, we will not install materials on a project that Hatfield Builders did not purchase. When we buy the products, we are able to ensure that they arrive ready to be installed and that we know how to install them. We rely on our vendor partnerships to help with damaged products, unique installations, and specialized product information. The one exception to this is kitchen appliances. We have a recommended appliance dealer for you to work with to purchase and install your appliances outside of our contract.

Do I need to move out of my house during the remodeling?

Not necessarily, although renovations can get messy and noisy. Many of our clients choose to live in their home during remodeling, especially if your project is a specific area of your home like the kitchen or bathroom, where the mess can be closed off from your living space. Our clients find that our team of professional tradesmen are very courteous, but keep in mind that if your project is extensive, it may become more practical for you to temporarily move out. Let’s discuss your specific situation prior to scheduling your project and go from there. For tips on setting up a temporary kitchen, check out our blog: “7 Ways to Stay Sane During Your Kitchen Remodel

How long will the remodel process take?

Each project is different, and we will give you an estimated completion date at the beginning of the project. If there is a delay for any reason, we will communicate that to you immediately. We strive to complete every project on time.

How do you keep dirt and dust out of other parts of my home?

Although remodeling can be (and often is) very dusty and dirty, we take measures to reduce the mess while your project is under construction. First, we use Build Clean dust control systems to reduce the dust particles in the air significantly. We install plastic dust barriers and drop cloths to isolate the construction area to the fullest extent. We will wear shoe covers and try to be as neat and clean as possible. The bottom line is that we are very sensitive about dust control and all of us are very conscientious. We will do what we can to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Yes, for specialty trades like framing, plumbers, electricians, tile, and flooring we use trade partners (which can also be called sub-contractors). These companies go through a process to become one of our preferred vendors. They know the honesty, service, quality, and craftsmanship that we expect. We have experienced project managers and carpenters on our team that specialize in supervising your project and making sure our trade partners are performing your remodel to our standards.

Do you accept credit card payments or have financing?

We want to make sure we keep costs as low as possible for our customers, therefore we don’t take credit cards. However, we make it easy to pay us! We have an online project management software that you can set up with your bank account that accepts electronic payments! And while we do not finance remodeling projects in-house, we have a multitude of contacts we can put you in touch with to talk about financing your remodel.

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