How Much Does a Dallas Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling your Dallas bathroom is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Not only will you have an upgraded living space, but a remodel will increase the market value of your home with up to an 80% return on your investment.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Hatfield Builders & Remodelers has the skill and expertise to design the bathroom of your dreams within a budget that’s comfortable for you. Below you’ll find some general information about the average cost of bathroom remodeling in Dallas; however, every project is different and the only way to get an accurate estimate is to contact Team Hatfield for your personalized quote.

The greatest determining factors in the cost of your bathroom remodel are size, appliances, counters/cabinets, and scope. If your bathroom requires a total reconfiguration, that will require more labor than even a luxurious full remodel that is maintaining the existing bathroom’s size. Custom details, like built-ins or intricate tiling, also tend to be significant add-ons.

Basic Bathroom Remodeling

The cost of your bathroom remodel will vary depending on the scope and size of the project. At the low end, remodeling your bathroom can cost as little as $2,500. If your bathroom needs a refresh, these are some of the most basic changes:

  • Bathtub installation
  • Countertop installation
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Sink installation
  • Toilet installation

Be sure to consult with your Hatfield builders and remodelers to create the best design plan for your budget. Our process is designed with our customers in mind, providing each of our clients with a thorough consultation that involves detailed measurements, project selection, customized design package, and a full budget review before any agreement is formally made.

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom is larger or you have a bigger vision beyond the small details, the price of your project will increase accordingly. It’s important to stay on top of design trends, especially if you plan on selling your home in the next 10 years. In addition to the aforementioned details, consider adding a few of the following to your project:

  • Backsplash detailing (~ $30/sq. ft.)
  • Custom cabinets (~ $4,000)
  • Granite, soapstone, or quartz countertops (~ $36/sq. ft.)

Again, the exact price for your project will depend on the type of materials you choose for you build. There are plenty of tiles and textures to choose from: marble, granite, quartz, glass, copper, stainless steel, and more. Our design team has a wide selection of materials for any budget:

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Looking to leave a lasting impression on your home? A luxury master bathroom remodel is the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication while dramatically increasing your home’s market value. Get inspired by the ideas below for your project:

  • Cultured marble tub (~ $2,500)
  • Jacuzzi (~ $13,000)
  • Mosaic tile backsplashes (~ $49/sq. ft.)
  • Copper countertops (~ $140/sq. ft.)
  • Undermount sinks (~ $236)

There are many ways to transform your master bathroom to match the aesthetic of your dream home. Depending on your budget, you can even restructure the shape of your bathroom so everything is exactly where you envisioned it should be.

Bathroom Remodeling in Dallas

Hatfield Builders & Remodelers proudly serves Dallas, Plano, Richardson, and plenty of other cities located in the Dallas metro region. We work directly with contractors, so you won’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors to complete plumbing and installation needs for your bathroom remodeling project.

Contact our team today to schedule a bathroom remodeling consultation in Dallas. We can’t wait to help build your dream home!

Posted on: February 27, 2019
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