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How to Maximize Your Living Space

Space is the ultimate luxury, and it’s one that every Dallas homeowner wants. Regardless of the size of your home, it can quickly become over run with clutter, furniture, or accessories—resulting in cramped quarters. Learn to love your home again and maximize your living space with these tips!

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One of the easiest ways to maximize your living space is to rid your home of unwanted, outdated, or worn items, including furniture. Spend an hour or two in each room of your home and sort through the clutter, choosing what to toss, donate, or recycle; clean surfaces and sight lines instantly make a room look and feel larger.

Add Storage

Inadequate storage is one of the biggest complaints among homeowners, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where sufficient space is needed to house a multitude of everyday items. Revamp your kitchen or bathroom to include additional or updated cabinetry or to improve the layout and enhance flow. A floor-to-ceiling kitchen pantry can house non-perishable food items as well as rarely used appliances and seasonal linens, freeing up your cupboard space for the things you use more frequently. In the bathroom, recessed shelving, dual vanities, or custom shelving can hold extra towels, paper products, and toiletries.

Remove a Wall (Or Two)

Open floor plans are in high deamnd across the country for several reasons:

  • Family members can occupy the same space while performing different tasks.
  • The addition of extra doors, skylights, and/or windows provides more natural light.
  • Parents can keep an eye on smaller children.
  • Entertaining guests is more enjoyable, as the person who is cooking can be a part of the conversation in the living space.
  • While gaining little square footage, both spaces appear much larger without any visual barriers to stop the eye.

Removing one or more non-load-bearing walls as part of your kitchen remodel will add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Be Flexible

Larger rooms or open areas can be separated into zones according to your current needs. Furniture, area rugs, wall color, and other solutions can be used to distinguish your home office from a play area, or your living space from the dining area. As your needs change, you can change the configuration of the room to go along with them.

Reconfigure a Room

Maybe you no longer need a home office, formal dining room, or spare bedroom, or perhaps the layout of your home has never really worked for your family. Rather than enduring the expense and inconvenience of moving to a new home or leaving the neighborhood you love, reconfigure your living space to reflect your current lifestyle.

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Posted on: January 25, 2018
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