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How to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

Most people love having a well-lit home. While you can always add artificial lighting to create as much illumination as you need, natural light is the most inviting—not to mention free—way to brighten up your home. If you’re already toying with the idea of a renovation project, consider implementing these ideas to maximize the natural light in your home!

Paint in a Light Color

Wall color significantly impacts how bright a room appears. Lighter paint bounces natural light around the space, making it feel airier. If you like dark color schemes, choose paint with a shinier finish to help keep things bright. Then, even if you paint the walls a dark, moody color, you should leave the ceiling white, tan, or another light, neutral color. This is the best way to reflect ambient light back down into the room.

Add Glass & Mirrored Surfaces

Glass, metal, and other reflective materials are effective at bouncing light around the room. Try hanging a few well-placed mirrors, installing a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen, and using glass or mirrored tables in the living room.

Install New Windows

What better way to let in natural light than to replace solid walls with glass? Install custom windows in the living room to take advantage of the ceiling height. Then, install a window in the bathroom for much-needed light and ventilation. If privacy is an issue, look into etched or reeded windows. Wavy-patterned glass blocks set in 2×2 configurations or larger are also ideal for letting in natural light without compromising privacy.  Our friends at JPon Glass can assist you with all of your window or glass replacement needs!

Put in French Doors

For added functionality and even more natural light, consider replacing a window with double French doors. Such an addition not only gives you a great view of the garden from inside your home, but it also provides easy outdoor access when you need it. Even installing French doors on the interior helps natural light stream from one room to the next.

Add Skylights

Interior rooms don’t have the option of installing windows. However, if they’re on the upper floor, you can add skylights to flood the space with natural light. Traditional skylights are ever-popular, especially in the kitchen. Tubular daylight devices (TDDs) are another option. These use reflective cylinders to funnel indirect light inside, creating a soft glow suitable for smaller spaces, including hallways and bathrooms.

Raise the Ceiling

Low ceilings do nothing but make you feel as though you’re in a cave. If logistics allow it, raise the ceiling during your next renovation project to make the whole house feel airy. A higher ceiling gives you the chance to install larger windows and incorporate the light paint color we discussed earlier.

Widen Doorways and Take Down Walls

A closed-off floor plan can make you feel claustrophobic. Open floor plans are popular today because they help keep everyone connected. They also let natural light illuminate your home, unimpeded by walls and other barriers. If you can, knock down the walls dividing your kitchen, dining room, and living room. If load-bearing walls come into play, at least widen doorways to reduce the suffocating feeling.

Trim Back Vegetation

Have you thought about how the outside of your home is affecting the amount of natural light that enters? If you have overgrown trees and bushes, prune them back to encourage more light to flow in through the windows and French doors. Also, be careful about where you install porch swings, pergolas, and other outdoor fixtures to prevent obscuring the light.

Great Ways Interior Designer Let Natural Light into Your Home

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Learn More about the Benefits of Letting Natural Light into Your Home

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Posted on: January 10, 2017
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