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What Does a Whole-Home Remodel Look Like?

When you live in an ideal location but no longer love your home, what do you do? You opt for a whole-home remodel! That’s exactly what this family in Plano did—their neighborhood has transformed significantly over the past decade, leaving them with greatly reduced options for a new home, not to mention increased home prices. They decided they would get the most value out of remodeling their outdated space so that they could stay put but feel more at home in their home.

The client came to Team Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) looking to add both light and sophistication to their space. The home hadn’t really been updated in many years, and they wanted a lighter color palette, as well as additional storage. So, we got to work in the kitchen/dining area, den, powder bath, and master bath. Both the husband and wife of this couple are busy with their jobs, so we took the reigns on the design and execution while they remained involved in their respective lives.

In this post, we will go show you the before, 3D rendering, and after of each room to showcase how drastically this home changed and how accurately our renderings showcase your future home design.

It All Starts in the Kitchen

The kitchen was an outdated yellow and needed a facelift—no major changes to the location of the walls, door openings, or windows were made. We replaced the floors (all floors were replaced in all areas we worked in due to sustained water damage) and painted the walls a neutral color. We replaced the cabinets and painted the lower cabinets a dark navy, while the upper cabinets are a bright white. This contrast creates a beautiful, sleek appearance for the kitchen, which is perfectly complemented by the brass finishes throughout the room.

The client loves their new breakfast nook and appreciates all the added storage space of which they can now take advantage. It’s their favorite spot in their updated home!

A Den Built for Entertainment

In the den, our biggest project was the fireplace. The existing fireplace looked more like it belonged in a ski lodge, and it didn’t fit the style of the home at all. We reframed it and used porcelain tile to replace the large rocks that once lined the fireplace. We repainted the wood panels to brighten up the space and added a darkly stained beam at the peak of the ceiling.

The space between the existing living room and updated den housed a functional but unappealing wet bar, which we updated to match the new style. Now, the family can enjoy entertaining their guests with their newly elevated look.

Powder Room: Small Space, Big Impact

Powder rooms are easy to forget about—if you only use yours when guests are over, you might not realize just how outdated yours has become. In this client’s case, we needed to update the powder room to match the rest of the house. We echoed the light-and-dark-with-metal-accents styling of the kitchen with dark walls, white appliances and cabinets, and polished nickel and chrome finishes. This coordination and upgraded look bring a sense of calm and organization to anyone who enters the powder room.

Spacious & Calming Master Bath

Finally, in the master bath, the layout remained the same, but we updated all finishes. We added two new pocket doors to ease the transition from the master bedroom into the bathroom and make the space more open overall. Most of our updates were about adding light and making the room more expansive. We installed new lighting above the vanity mirrors and over the toilet/shower area, removed the soffits over the vanities and shower, and added recessed medicine cabinets to the vanities. This combined with the new white tile throughout really opened up the space and made the client happy. They especially love the spacious shower!

Benefits of Whole-Home Remodeling

As you can tell, these homeowners seriously elevated the look and feel of their home without leaving the comfort or benefits of their neighborhood behind. Whether you choose to redo most of your home (as they did) or the entire home, we can help! Our expert designers will sit down with you to re-envision your current space to help it better reflect your current lifestyle and taste. A whole-home remodel can be both less expensive and more rewarding of a process to go through than buying a house, because you get to execute your vision exactly as planned, instead of having to conform to whatever new house you buy.

With our design/remodel process, we involve you every step of the way to whatever degree you desire. So, whether you want to be extra hands-on with the design or would rather leave it to Team Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) to execute your ideas, we can work with you!

Click here to learn more about our process and who we are, and contact us today to schedule a consultation if you’re interested in a whole-home remodel in the Dallas area!

Posted on: June 28, 2018
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