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After your Dallas Remodel…Treat Your Windows Right

These drapes make the perfect accent in the new kitchen in Dallas.

Summer in Dallas is here and some days it’s just too darn hot to hang outside. With that Texas heat making midday an indoor zone, we love to get creative helping our clients figure out how to let a little sunshine and a lot of heat out, with window treatments. Contemporary home design is all about maximizing spaces and making our living spaces an extension of our lifestyle. And in a Dallas home renovation, light means a lot.


In addition to maximizing your space and making your home look and feel more beautiful, the right window treatments can also cut down on energy costs and make your home more efficient. In the Texas summer, this is especially important. From Roman shades to custom shutters, clever draperies, or interior blinds to help keep the heat outside, you’ll find that there are many options on the market for lessening your carbon footprint while keeping your home contemporary, functional, and attractive. We also recommend upgrading to new, energy-efficient windows — the investment will pay you back sooner than you think.


We absolutely love automatic Roman shades, an elegant choice that adds drama and intrigue to any space. Choosing white or off-white keeps the room feeling light and airy. From kitchens to living and dining rooms, and even in bedrooms, these are a popular choice with our customers and they look fantastic. Another look that the Dallas area loves are custom wood or faux wood shutters. These help keep excessive sun and heat out without making the room too dark, and they look beautiful.


A roman shade is the perfect backdrop in this breakfast area!

The right draperies can bring whatever look you seek for your space — from romantic to old world or modern. Medium-colored draperies with white plastic backings can reduce your interior heat by about a third, if closed during the hottest times of the day, according to Energy.gov, the Energy Department’s official website. But you don’t need to hide in the dark; robust pastels are a beautiful choice for most rooms, and if you have an open floor plan, the closed drapes in the living area will create a cooler escape if you’ve got more light coming in through the kitchen windows.


We adore wood blinds as they can enhance pretty much any decorating scheme. Darker wood brings a more traditional flair while a pale stain or painted white wood blinds create an airy and modern feeling. Unlike curtains that are either open or closed, blinds can be adjusted to allow the amount of light in that you choose. Whether you like vertical or horizontal slat blinds, these add a streamlined, smart visual effect to any space. Bringing in a light-colored ceiling fan to the room will also help circulate air so whatever light does stream through the blinds, won’t create as much stagnant heat.


No matter how you choose to dress your windows, another big suggestion on cutting down your energy costs is by replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient ones. This is something that we do often for clients and they are usually astounded at how much they save on their energy bills each year as a result. We love tackling these upgrade projects! Whatever small or large-scale changes you plan to make to your windows and window treatments this summer, there a there are plenty of ways to cut down on energy costs while enjoying a cool break from the hot outdoors. Check our recent projects for more ideas on decorating and renovating your Dallas home.


Posted on: July 12, 2016
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