Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers is now Alair Homes Dallas

We are excited that we have become part of the Alair Homes team.


In Dallas, Texas-Sized Home Remodels Get a Dustproof Solution

A common fear with home remodeling is the dust and chaos that can be caused while having work done. We understand where the anxiety stems from. But at Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers, we don’t want the potential for dust and debris to derail you from your home improvement plans. And while we’ve always done our best to keep the chaos at bay, we have some new team members we’d like to introduce you to who really get the job done. Now you can enjoy the bathroom or kitchen remodel of your dreams without the drama of excess dust accumulating in hallways and common spaces.

Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers is now the proud owner of several BuildClean dust control systems. This state-of-the-art tool is efficient and gets the job done. It eliminates up to 90% of the airborne dust and debris associated with home improvement projects. Our team will bring this genius robot at the key times to help keep your home feeling clean and safe.

The BuildClean creates a healthier environment for your family and pets, eliminating a large volume of the dust that can irritate eyes, noses, and general breathing. It also safeguards against irritants that are inherent in the remodeling process. Additionally, you can rest assured that the BuildClean will safeguard your electronics from pesky dust buildup onsite.

Here are some other tried-and-true tips from our team to make your home remodel as dust-and-drama-free as possible. Feel free to chime in with more tips of your own in the comments!

Displace and cover:
We recommend eliminating any unnecessary items and decorations from the room to ensure they are untouched by dust. Cover any furniture or fixtures that are immobile and remaining near or in the space to keep them from collecting dust.

Keep fresh air flowing: When it’s not raining or blazing hot, consider opening windows and screens to help the dust air out naturally. This easy tactic keeps fresh air in and cuts down on dust gathering in the screens.

Trust your team: Your Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) onsite team will make every effort to control the dust, including creating sensible walkways and vacuuming up debris. Remember that a big part of the reason you hired us is that we have your best interest in mind at all times.

Don’t let a fear of excess dust and debris derail your Dallas home renovation plans – call Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers and let us take care of your home and family!

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Posted on: June 2, 2015
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