Kitchen Questionnaire

Before we meet again, we would like for you to answer some “Homework” questions that will help us get to know you and your preferences. This helps us determine the feasibility and future design of your project. We ask each adult resident who will share the spaces fill out the form separately. It is helpful to know if there are differences amongst the residents so we can assist with the decision process.

Your honest answers will help enable us to generate the end product you envision with a quicker turnaround. If you have any questions about the following items, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hatfield Sales or Design Team. We are always here to help!

  • General Questions

    If you are filling out multiple questionnaires, you only need to answer the General Questions section once.

  • Kitchen Idea Worksheet

  • 1. Cooking & Appliances
  • 2. Storage
  • 3. Functions and Layout
  • For example, a school-aged child sits at the island and does homework. This child likes to access snacks. The family dog goes to the kitchen to eat. The pet food needs to be close by. Dad likes to cook. Mom likes to bake. Or, a couple likes to cook together on the weekends. An individual usually makes simple meals but likes to entertain large groups.

  • 1
    Initial Meetings
  • 2
    Space Measurement
  • 3
    Project Selection Meeting
  • 4
    Design Package Review
  • 5
    Initial Budget Review
  • 6
    Selection Finalization
  • 7
    Construction Agreement & Deposit
  • 8
    Pre-Construction Hand-Off Meeting
  • 9
    Start of Construction