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Smart Kitchen Planning Allows for Graceful Aging-in-Place

If you’re in a home that you love and plan to stay in, there may come a time when you need to consider design choices that make it safer and more accessible as you age. For some, that time is now, as an elderly parent moves into the household or wheelchair accessibility becomes a necessity. Aging-in-place remodeling is gaining a higher profile as baby boomers – many of whom want to stay in their homes as long as possible – become an increasingly larger segment of the population.

The kitchen is a particular focus of age-in-place remodeling. Thoughtful design choices can emphasize accessibility for all, with no sacrifice in style. Here are our suggestions for changes that can make the kitchen your safe haven at any age.Image 1 render

  • Ample clearance space. It’s essential to have easy access to food prep areas, the eating bar and all appliances, even from a wheelchair. ADA accessibility guidelines require pass-through kitchens to have at least 40 inches of clearance between opposing surfaces, and at least 60 inches of clearance for U-shaped kitchens.
  • Lower counter heights. Seniors may find that their countertops and cabinetry are too high, especially if they are in a wheelchair. A professional remodeler can adjust the counter height and lower the sink, to allow for easier access from a seated position. This Plano, TX, kitchen remodeling project features a tri-level island (kitchen height, desk height and bar height) for future wheelchair accessibility. 
  • Fairview TX kitchen remodel (1)Fairview TX kitchen remodelPull-out shelving. Homeowners of any age appreciate being able to see what’s on pantry shelves without rummaging behind other items. Replacement of kitchen cabinets in University Park, TX, with lower-level pull-out cabinetry reduces the strain of bending to reach the back of cabinets.
  • Counter-height microwave. This well-used appliance should be placed at or below counter height to minimize reaching above the shoulders – and potential burns from hot spills. If this option takes up too much counter space, under the counter is a second option.
  • Rounded edges. Sharp corners on countertops and shelves make bumps and bruises to elbows and hips more likely. Rounded corners are safer and easier to navigate.Fairview TX kitchen remodel (2)

Read about more essential home improvements recommended by Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers to help you age-in-place. For information about aging-in-place remodeling in Dallas, Plano, Richardson and surrounding suburbs, contact us at (214) 281-8800.

Posted on: December 8, 2015
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