Livable Remodeling in Dallas, TX & the Surrounding Areas

Our Dust & Debris Management Systems

As your trusted remodeling advisor, our goal at Hatfield Builders & Remodelers is to create the beautiful, functional home of your dreams—but we also strive to keep your home as clean and “livable” as possible throughout the duration of the remodeling process! We use several dust and debris management systems to protect your flooring, furniture, and your health during your whole-home remodel. While remodels are usually thought of as messy and disruptive, our team wants your experience to be as worry-free as possible, which is why we employ the systems below to keep your indoor air quality high as we work to make your new and improved home a reality.

Read on to learn more about Hatfield’s livable remodeling experience for our Dallas-area projects, or feel free to contact us online or by phone at 214-278-6261 with questions or concerns!

We Use BuildClean Dust Control Systems

air-scrubber-on-jobsite-5During your home remodel, it only makes sense that dust will be emitted throughout the process. If left unmanaged, this dust can settle throughout your home—on floors, furniture, glassware, and even on your family’s toothbrushes! By using BuildClean Dust Control Systems, we’re able to minimize the amount of dust floating around your home and settling in places that it shouldn’t, providing healthier conditions for your family and pets and protecting household items you care about.

BuildClean air scrubbers work to eliminate 90 percent of airborne construction dust by using a pre-filter to capture large dust particles and a second-stage HEPA filter to trap dust molecules down to one micron in diameter. These systems are effective but run quietly, making them the perfect solution for your livable remodeling experience with Team Hatfield!

We Employ ZipWall Dust Barriers

In addition to using the BuildClean air scrubbers to remove dust from your home, our remodeling team also uses ZipWall Dust Barrier Systems. These systems uses a plastic barrier, tightly sealed at the walls and the ceiling, to keep dust contained in the remodeling and construction area so it does not spread throughout your home.

The ZipWall barriers come with a tight-sealing system that does not require tape or ladders, eliminating the chances of damage to your home. As our remodelers move from one area of your home to the next during your remodeling process, we will bring the ZipWall barrier along with us to contain as much dust and construction debris as possible in that one area, rather than allowing it to be emitted throughout your home.

We Do Everything We Can to Protect Your Home During Your Remodel

homeowner-w-child-during-projectBeyond using the BuildClean air scrubber and ZipWall dust barriers mentioned above, which are the best dust management systems in the business, we employ as many other methods of protection for your home throughout the remodeling process, including:

  • Wrapping your cabinets to keep them safe from dust
  • Wearing shoe covers to protect floors to protect them from debris
  • Laying down carpet protection sheets to keep dust out of the fibers
  • And more

Call Hatfield About Livable Remodeling in Dallas & Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been hesitant to move forward with your whole-home remodel in the Dallas, Texas area because you were worried that the process would be messy and disruptive to your daily routine, our livable remodeling solutions can help! As your design-remodel partner for life, we are here to make your remodeling experience as worry-free as possible so that you can continue with your normal life while we work to create the home of your dreams. We aren’t satisfied until you are, and we remain available to you even after your project is completed for whatever you may need.

To schedule a consultation or to talk to us about our livable remodeling services in the Dallas area, call Hatfield Builders & Remodelers at 214-278-6261 or contact us online now!

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