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Second Story Additions in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

Need a place for your growing family to expand? Don’t want to move out of your ideally located, ranch-style home? You’ll be pleased to hear you can stay right where you are and still have plenty of room to grow with a second-story addition to your home. If you think this is the perfect solution your dilemma, Dallas-based Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers can help make your vision a reality.

We help homeowners throughout Dallas, Plano, and Richardson to create more enjoyable living spaces. To learn how we can assist with your second-story addition, request a consultation today!

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Benefits of Adding a Second-Story to Your Dallas Home

As with other types of home additions, adding a second story to your home offers several advantages:

  • Improve your home’s curb appeal with a complete facelift to the façade.
  • Increase property value if you decide to sell.
  • Add square footage to your home’s existing footprint and prevent losing valuable yard space.
  • Enhance your appreciation of the surrounding landscape with views from the second floor.

What to Consider with Your Second-Story Addition

On paper, it’s easy to envision your home with a second story, but be sure to keep these logistics in mind as you begin the design process:

  • Structural requirements: Before anyone lifts a hammer, you must make sure your main-floor walls can bear the load of a second story. If your home doesn’t meet code requirements for a second floor, you may want to choose a different type of home addition.
  • Stairs: Sometimes, stair placement is a no-brainer, but other times it requires some creative thinking to prevent throwing off main-floor traffic flow. Make this consideration early in the design process to determine its feasibility.
  • HVAC, ventilation, and electrical: Your furnace, air conditioner, and electrical panel are sized for your existing square footage. You may need to upgrade these mechanical features or even move ventilation systems if you add a second story. You can also look into ductless mini-splits for efficient second-story heating and cooling without the need to install ductwork.
  • Materials and finishes: The goal is to make your second-story addition look like it belongs. This means choosing complementary materials and finishes, both inside and out. This could be your chance to redo the siding, replace the windows, remove popcorn ceilings, or change the flooring, so the addition and your existing home match.

How to Use Your Second-Story Addition

If you decide adding a second story is feasible, think about all the ways you can use the space:

  • Expand your living area: In a recent second-story addition we completed for a client in Dallas, the growing family simply needed a larger living space to accommodate more people.
  • Create an in-law suite: If your in-laws want to live closer, a workable solution could be to add a second-story apartment. Complete with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, you could outfit this addition to perfectly meet your in-laws’ needs.
  • Generate extra income with a rental space: Many people rent out basement apartments, but imagine the higher rate you could charge for the views from a second-story addition! Stairs on the outside of your home would completely separate landlord and tenant.

Choose Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers for Your Second-Story Addition

Our expert building team has one goal in mind: build a quality second-story addition that adds to your home’s beauty and functionality while complying with safety codes. We use high-quality construction materials and meticulously follow Texas building codes for the very best results.

When you’re ready to work with the No. 1, award-winning builder and remodeler in Texas, contact us to schedule your consultation!

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