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Top 5 Aging-in-Place Bathroom Remodeling Tips

As you age, the bathroom becomes a dangerous place! The risk of slipping and falling down increases significantly and could result in broken hips or other injuries. Having a safe, comfortable bathroom that is optimized for seniors is a must if you plan to live independently in your own home as you grow older.

Thankfully, aging-in-place bathroom remodeling can help homeowners age in place for years to come! We install a variety of universal design features that are useful for elderly or disabled members of your family. Here are our top five tips when planning your aging-in-place bathroom remodel. And, if you’re looking to do an age-in-place remodel in the Dallas area, contact us now!

Please note that Hatfield (now Alair Homes- Plano) Builders & Remodelers only remodels powder rooms and guest bathrooms as part of larger remodel projects, like kitchen remodels and whole-home remodels. We do not remodel powder rooms or guest bathrooms alone.

Aging-in-Place Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Dallas, TX Home


1. Low Threshold or Curbless Showers

Shower with thresholds that are under two inches tall are considered low threshold showers, also known as walk-in showers. Having such a threshold in your shower means that you won’t have to lift your leg up high to enter the shower, which is much safer! We also offer curbless showers (also referred to as roll-in showers), which are convenient for members of your family who may be in wheelchairs, since they’re able to roll straight into the shower before moving to a seat. Which brings us to…

2. Shower Seating

Another great feature of any aging-in-place bathroom design is built-in shower seating, which provides a safe place to sit while showering and reduces the likelihood of injuring yourself by slipping on the shower tile. This type of shower seat also makes it much easier for anyone in a wheelchair to move from their chair to the shower seat before turning on the shower.

This is much more convenient (and significantly safer) than purchasing a portable shower seat, which can slip and fall while in use!

3. Handheld Shower Heads

A very convenient option for aging-in-place bathrooms is to install a handheld shower head. These make it easier for those who need to shower while seated or who may have limited mobility issues that restrain them from using the permanently installed shower head. Usually, these shower heads have a hose that is between three and six feet in length, which makes it easier to use them from various spots on the shower seat or in the shower (like near the grab bar).


4. Grab Bars

Often when planning an aging-in-place bathroom remodel, we install grab bars (both in the shower and throughout the rest of the bathroom) to prevent falls and provide leverage when showering, exiting the shower, or using the toilet.

We make sure that the grab bars we install are attractive and blend well with the design of the bathroom so that they do not look ostentatious or out of place, but sleek and modern.

5. Easy-to-Reach Storage Space

As you age, it can become more difficult to reach up high or down low to retrieve toiletries and other items in your bathroom, whether in a tall cabinet or in the drawers under your sink. That’s why we install easy-to-reach storage solutions throughout our aging-in-place bathroom remodels.

Built-in storage spaces, both in your shower and throughout the rest of your bathroom, reduce the need to crouch or bend down to reach things like shampoo and soap while showering. This increases convenience, safety, and comfort for you as you age!

Start Planning Your Aging-in-Place Bathroom Remodel in the Dallas Area Today!

Remodeling your bathroom can help you live independently in your own home as long as possible. Though it is a big investment, it will cost you less in the long run when compared to the price of assisted living or a nursing home!

To learn more about our aging-in-place remodeling services in Dallas, Texas or to schedule a whole-home remodeling consultation, contact us online or call us at 214-281-8800 today.

Posted on: September 26, 2016
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